Nonprofit Organization Helps Keeps Kids Out Of Harms Way With Boxing

Beating Up Bad Habits is a local Boston-area boxing and community program that offers boxing instruction to kids and teens while also offering mentoring and whatever general help they may need. This program works much like the local boxing gym did in HBO’s The Wire where troubled youth were given a physical and emotional outlet to deal with their problems while simultaneously keeping them off the streets and away from trouble. The program was started by philanthropist David Villada and offers help to all children eight and above.
Villada says that he founded the program because he felt that he couldn’t stand on the sidelines while kids were out on the streets having their lives ruined by crime and the culture of the inner city. At the moment, he has seventy five children enrolled and almost fifteen percent of them are fighting amateur fights in the USA Boxing League currently. And that’s not even the most important part of all of this: almost all the kids enrolled in his program have shown positive increases in their grades and huge decreases in school absences.
That’s the real point of the program according to Villada – keeping kids in school and off of the streets. Since the tremendous success of his program has gained some national notoriety other similar programs are showing up all around the country. One such place is the Plano martial arts academy in Plano, Texas. Be sure to check around you locally for these gyms as they can always use volunteers and donations. For more information you can visit this link.