Floyd Mayweather Jr VS Gennady Golovkin?

Floyd Mayweather Jr has been pretty critical of knockout artist and fan favorite Gennady Golovkin recently and many people think that this is a clever way of Mayweather challenging the middleweight champ to a bout sometime in the not so distant future. This makes sense as the interest is no longer there for a second bout with Manny Paqiuao or Canelo Alvarez – Mayweather, by far, stands to make the most money coming back to fight Golovkin. Mayweather said of Golovkin:
“He’s a guy that is straight up and down. [He] Really [has] no special effects. He’s got good punching power, but no special effects. You guys already know what would have happened if it was me [facing Golovkin].”
Strong words for someone out of the fight game for over a year at this point. Nonetheless, this super-fight has already generated super amounts of interest from fans with trends on social media regarding the potential fight. It would be the ultimate end to Mayweather’s career to go out with a victory over the best knockout fighter since, arguably, Mike Tyson. It would also square Mayweather’s record away at 50-0.
Golovkin has yet to respond to Mayweather’s remarks but likely won’t in the near future being the man of few words he has always been. A fight between these two would truly be a clash between opposite ends of the spectrum both as fighters and as personalities. On Mayweather’s side you have the greatest defensive tactician that boxing has ever seen and who does half of his fighting out of the ring with words. On Golovkin’s side you have one of the best pure knockout champions who is as straight to the point with his boxing as he is with his simply worded press replies. A fight between these two could single-handedly revive the sport of boxing and would be quite the spectacle to watch.
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