May 2017


Mayweather V. McGregor Off Again?

It’s been several months now of non-stop on and off negotiations and speculation about whether or not Connor McGregor will actually end up squaring off in a boxing ring with the undefeated Floyd Mayweather. Last month, the story was that Dana White of the UFC had finally thrown his support behind the fight which was the one big snag in the whole process. So, it looked like it was finally going to happen pending all the details getting hammered out on paper. Now, we have reason to believe that it may not be that simple.
The story now is that the UFC and Dana White may be reconsidering their stance. This is because of the simple and very real possibility of McGregor choosing to stay with the WBC after the Mayweather fight due to the large discrepancy in the money he can earn in Boxing versus the money he can earn in the UFC. McGregor fought a couple of times last year in the UFC and earned 40 million dollars for those fights. For this one fight in boxing he would stand to earn 75 million which is almost double for one third of the fights.
Now, will McGregor stand to earn that sort of money in boxing no matter who he fights? No way. However, in regular fights against other lesser know but still big name fighters he would still pull in almost double what he was earning in the UFC. White and the UFC will now, likely, need a tangible reassurance that McGregor will in fact return to the UFC within a year of the Mayweather fight. This would most likely mean Conor re-signing with the UFC before the Mayweather fight is cleared with an allowance for him to participate in that fight as a special condition. He will also still need to pay White and the UFC a considerable sum of his earnings from the fight.
The question then becomes: What happens if McGregor does the impossible and beats Floyd Mayweather? Will there be a rematch? Will he get the chance to defend his title against other boxers in the future? Could he ever possibly split time between boxing and MMA? Only time will tell.